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b-star shape your body

The technology for remodeling that makes the difference.
Shape your body.

Totally laserfree, it combines the benefits of infrared LEDs and low-intensity microcurrents to reduce, drain and reshape.

B-STAR is the result of years of studies and experiences carried out in the USA and Japan to obtain A POWER NEVER REACHED SO FAR, without laser, to reduce the volume of localized fat in less than 30 MINUTES.

Infrared LEDs irradiate fat cells and fibroblasts increasing the temperature of the tissue up to 42-47 ° but maintaining that of the skin on the surface at 37-38 °

Low-intensity microcurrents (EMS) increase the permeability of the adipocyte cell membrane by facilitating the conveyance of specifically formulated lipolytic active ingredients:

 cellular metabolism accelerates and new collagen is produced.

esthelogue b-star treatment
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